Patti Silverman@silvermansays Dec 13 Oakland, CA

Step three: art on speaker. Looks like a framed photo. Sounds like nothing I’ve heard.”

 “They really are something else.” Brian Zisk

“I would love to rep the these speakers to all of my peers”  Allan “Sparky” Starks, The Dreamcatcher Studios


“I’m at a loss for words… I just mixed a studio session using Ogeeg speakers and all I can say is Simply Amazing!” Michael “Docta” Davenport Music Producer 


“At times it can be a bit eerie sitting face to face with the portrait of the girl and listening to Bach. You’ll get what I mean when you see the print quality!”

“Ogeeg gives me a rhythmic vibration throughout my body.”

“One recommendation, listen to an Aziz Ansari skit, hysterical and great quality!”

“It’s like having surround sound with just one piece of custom artwork. BRILLIANT!”

“Hang these in an acoustically soft environment.”

“The Mids are a bit over powering.”

“The interchangeable artwork will be a HIT during themed parties at my office!” 


 “Sounds like a live violin!” Scott Cao Violins


  International CES 2015 Visitors

  “I heard you guys from 4 aisles away!”

  “I want one of these for my wedding”

  “How can such a small speaker produce such big sound?!”

  “It sounds like an orchestra is here at CES”

  “I’ve worked in the wedding industry for 14 years and this silk printing is truly unique”

  “They played one of my favorite Irish songs for me and it sounded like when I saw the band in concert 30 years ago!”

“How did your product not win an innovation award for CES 2015?”


“Outstanding Clarity” Gabe F. Menlo Park, CA


  “The print quality is unsurpassed!” Shanley G, Student